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As old as I am, Balthazaar the bear…


Getting back to it all.

I am getting into the swing of the humdrum. Nights, weekends, 14 hour days, 90 min commutes. The fact that my camera still has photos on from Christmas 2012 (which i was working, by the way) is a little embarrassing. I have tried, in this post-nightshift-weekend haze to readdress this and take some photos.

My plan was to go and use my reversed body-clock and take some pictures of the stars from the lake district. The clouds nipped that idea in the bud, so i made do with learning something about my flashgun and dreaming whimsically about my time in New Zealand.


There really is a lot of wondrous things out there.

I’ve been a bit rubbish at listening to random new music (something that I would do at University was to buy an album at random from the indie/rock department of the local music shop and see what it was like.

Passenger has been the band that gets my custom, and I have to say I’ve enjoyed it on the first couple of plays its had in the run back up from my parents’ house to where my flat is.

It was good to be back, even if the my old school’s town looks so run down (see my tweeted picture). I guess there are places everywhere that are like that!



Summer has caused this 15 minutes malarky to not get the updates that I intended to do. Too much real life stuff happening, meaning this site lost out.

Moon in August

It wouldn’t be 15minutes without some lunar photography, even if it is slightly out of focus!

I went to Telford for the Insomnia49 festival, the annual event that is my break from the day to day monotony and a chance to meet up with some geeks and gamers. This years pub quiz had everything from the sublime, the suave, and the ridiculous.Defenders of a Time


Wizzo and his tree

vaetteAnd that was the august that was. With the normality of changing jobs every august to a new hospital and learning their way of doing things.

More soon, I hope!


Gearing up

I am not the most exercise orientated doctor you will ever meet. I like sport, I used to be good at Cricket, I loved Fencing, I’ve played Badminton/Tennis and Squash, and being a bloke, took them far too seriously when I was a kid.

Bike (1 of 3)

As a medic, I know the importance of exercise. Last time I rode a bike – my sister’s florescent pink mountain bike – seven years ago, I fell off. Very embarrassing.

Bike (3 of 3)

Time to get back on the saddle and get some exercise, even if its 30 mins every day, I’ll feel better and get fitter!Bike (2 of 3)

Nights and Stars

Fighting Light Pollution!

Fighting Light Pollution!

Not only is it the weekend; I am not on call and its been nice outside! Events seemingly conspired to let me try to take photographs of the night sky, the only downside being the light pollution from Blackpool. At least the illuminations weren’t on!.

July Night timeThese two pictures are the rough and ready 3 minute edits in Lightroom. I’ll mess about with them more tomorrow!




A photo from my old teacher, Retouched in Lightroom.

A photo from my old teacher, Slightly changed in Lightroom. Photo Credit: P.J. Ackerley 2013.

We are the culmination of events that conspired to happen. Everyone we run into has an effect, large or small, on us. Teachers go into battle every day to try and force a few facts into a few brains every day, every year. Some days, children will listen to what is being said.

Good teachers will make that golden moment mean something. Great teachers will use it to invoke a way of thinking, a philosophical wedge to make those times where they are being heard worthwhile.