Getting back to it all.

I am getting into the swing of the humdrum. Nights, weekends, 14 hour days, 90 min commutes. The fact that my camera still has photos on from Christmas 2012 (which i was working, by the way) is a little embarrassing. I have tried, in this post-nightshift-weekend haze to readdress this and take some photos.

My plan was to go and use my reversed body-clock and take some pictures of the stars from the lake district. The clouds nipped that idea in the bud, so i made do with learning something about my flashgun and dreaming whimsically about my time in New Zealand.


There really is a lot of wondrous things out there.

I’ve been a bit rubbish at listening to random new music (something that I would do at University was to buy an album at random from the indie/rock department of the local music shop and see what it was like.

Passenger has been the band that gets my custom, and I have to say I’ve enjoyed it on the first couple of plays its had in the run back up from my parents’ house to where my flat is.

It was good to be back, even if the my old school’s town looks so run down (see my tweeted picture). I guess there are places everywhere that are like that!



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