Sunshine in the Afternoon

It has been a busy and important week. Not content with being the week of my exam, it has also been the week I turned 29, found a great restaurant in Manchester, had the first beers in ages (post exam), got a silly injury running about (not under the influence either…) and had time to pick up my camera in the sunshine and actually take some pictures!

Afternoon SunshineIt really is nice in Lancashire at the moment. Bit windy, I wouldn’t lie to you, but a very nice day when the sun is out.

Flowers in the gardenMy Lightroom lack of skill is continuing to dismay me all the time!

Sunshine Wall15 minutes is all about going and exploring the world around me, be it after a drive to the hills and taking photos of the Lake District, or walking around the corner and seeing something weird and wonderful. Ansdell feels like a country village when you get off the town streets and into the alleyways behind the houses.

Flower in the brickwork


A fun walkabout with some friends messing about in the sun. Always a good combination!

davrosafternoon (4 of 23)davrosafternoon (10 of 23)





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