I get migraine. Its one of the things I can fully appreciate; the numbing pain in the head as the migraine starts its unwanted march through the brain, the aura heralding its horrid appearance and the requirement for peace, quiet and somewhere dark to lay down and drift off into blissful unconsciousness  The aura I seem to get is like a TV off station with the “snow” overlaid onto my vision; a photoshop with the noise turned up. Then the lights blur and persist for half a second too long, blues stretching into whites.

If I wasn’t trying to avoid the pain by scrunching up my eyes and taking my migraine tablets, I’d consider the “that’s weird” factor of all of this. However, given the choice, I’d much prefer the damn thing to disappear.

As a doctor, I know the treatments available  and to be honest, by the time the aura has started, its too late to do anything but stop driving and find somewhere to sleep for four hours.

These photos were taken as a messing around study on indoor long exposures; but they seem to demonstrate what I see at the start of the pain pretty well, if a bit exaggerated.


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