Walkabout at Lytham

I am (as you are probably aware) very bad at using days off properly. This week has been no exception with my random Tuesday off after a hellish weekend being nondescript.

Its moody out there today; after taking the chores out of the equation I had a pretty good time dodging the rain and taking some pictures in the town of Lytham. you know, where the Open is, every now and then.

I’ve lived in St Andrews and now I live a short drive from the course at Royal Lytham St Annes. I seem to be stalking links courses of the UK, despite being awful at the damn game. The towns are remarkably similar in the size and general lazy-day-ness. The weather, too, is refreshingly awful in both.

Looks like rain to me. I’m trying to see what I can do in Lightroom with my pictures of clouds on Britain’s frequently and completely overcast days. After fiddling with the contrast settngs, something useful can appear – not every picture has to be deleted.

Back to work tomorrow; theres not much to show for this day off!





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