Can’t Sleep? Won’t Sleep.

Insomnia is wierd.

I mean, this time its probably completely my fault – the fact that I’m post on-calls and have to be up at 6am means that I slept in til 1pm yesterday, which leaves me to conclude that my body hates having to get up at that forsaken hour and therefore thinks I should be awake, running on a blissful 13 hours of sleep for a half day tomorrow. Its the afternoon session though, so the logic isn’t really helping me.

So I’ve been playing some music, messing around with a camera (its what I do, and trying to work out whether the weather is good enough to disappear for a few hours into the Lake District. I’m really not going to go, its just idle musings of the sleepless mind.

Take the above music video for an example. I ran into Alex Goot‘s music via KurthugoSchneider’s channel. Its not half bad, to be honest, and the album – although relatively samey in a male singer/songwriter type of way (I heard BBC Radio One call this style of music “Blubstep” not that long ago) – is something that I will probably end up playing at work. It fills the “not likely to offend people” spot in any music playlist.

I’ve been able to tweak a few more things than my normal two or three in Lightroom, which means that when I’m messing around looking for interesting things to take pictures of in my spartan flat I generally end up looking at the paperweight that started things off for this website.

How does everyone else deal with this? What possible things are making my mind race without having the decency to be obvious.


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