Coloured water

A typically rainy weekend in Scotland means plenty of time to mess about. Photography wise, I dont have all the things I need to MacGyver a studio for water droplet photography (although I will be going for that eventually). I’m tempted to get a fishtank. Not for fish, but to do some immersion flash photographs. It looks “easy” enough to do!

In the meantime, I’ve got the DreamHack Sweden Starcraft 2 stream on (The I-Series LAN in Telford, UK is coming up at the end of August, so not too much longer on the LAN withdrawal.) and Some good tunes whilst the adverts are ticking over. All this whilst waiting for some Diablo 3 to kick off with the guys.

To kill some time then: a glass of water, some food colouring, my trusty 550d w/speedlite and a mess about in Lightroom to see what all the buttons do.

With all the contrasts turned up and the blue saturation reduced…

Its wasted a bit of time, at least! Roll on the sun!


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